Thursday, March 30, 2006


They say to be careful what you wish for-----!! This has been an exciting month as far as writing. I was posting some comments on a forum for royalty and some of my comments got the attention of the editor. We started talking back and forth by private message and then email, and she is located in the London area, and is very busy with this new Royal business on the internet.....well, one thing led to another and she complimented me on my writing in general and we talked further and I told her that I write about queens. She was very excited and amazed at the knowledge I was showing.....heck, I'm so used to thinking about her----them, all the Queens that I research that I never thought anything of it.....but, I kind of do know quite a bit. I never realized my hobby of reading and writing about Queens was anything.....well, maybe different----well, perhaps I have something to offer someone.

She asked me to write a piece on Frogmore----now, if you know about Frogmore than you'll know what Queen I have been referring to. I did write it and dashed it off, and she loved it---Cheerio!!! We also joked that we'd serialize my, of course, I really don't know if we will, or even if I should.

A few days later, as big as day---There is was on the front page---my own story. The editor wrote that she felt lucky to have such an "expert" writing this story for the site. Whoa! Then, out of sheer excitement I emailed all my writing groups, and there are three of them and I told everyone about the article, and gave them the link and I got lots of congrats over the email for days--it was exciting. But there were also some very nice comments written on the Royal site about my article. They were all so nice, but one said, "She wrote as if she were observing the Queen" which really flipped me out. I guess I succeeded in making her my own. What a lovely compliment for a writer.

In the last 2 weeks, things have heated up, and not only did I send her another story...on Osborne House, which was Queen Victoria's favorite home.....I've also started playing around on the internet, with the thought of starting a Queen Blog or a Queen Site.....with pictures, stories and glimpses of their lives, their jewels, their homes and palaces.....all of it. It's a little scary, but I've gone ahead and I did design a bit of a site all on my own. Now, I still have a lot to learn about doing websites----maintaining one, linking things to it.....oh, there's so much to learn, but it was very exciting for me.

The Queen I am currently writing about is, yes---Queen Victoria.

I think the perception out there is that she was an old prude, a lady in black widow's weeds who stayed away from everyone and everything, but its so, so untrue. She really was a remarkable woman in my humble opinion and the more I read about her the more I love her. But, I'll save all the good stories for later....

How am I feeling? Better. It helps to have something new and exciting that I am interested in, and when I can I just "get away"---either researching, reading, writing, follow thru with my writing groups----and now, writing articles. Its a start. I don't know if it will lead to anything and it really doesn't matter if it does or not. The main thing is that I am having a ball with it and I know---after all these years, that I can do something fun with the knowledge I've acquired---did I spell that word right? It just keeps me happy and amused and that in itself is great. Oh, enough talking about me. My son has been helping me with my new little site on the web.He's only 9 but is he smart, especially when it comes to computers. He amazes me. When I have a question, its just remarkable but the child usually says, "Oh, that's easy---" and then bing!!!! Done. Wow. So cool. I feel a little stupid sometimes, but I know I shouldn't. The kids these days are soooo bright.

Time to go to bed. Okay---another tidbit about her......they say her hands were very small and the skin, oh, so very soft.

Dreams really do come true, sometimes.

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