Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Its time to blog again.


I've made a decision. While I begin this blog about writing about a queen, I will also be doing a lot of research---and so---someone told me I should start a queen blog, about her and her family, and share tidbits about their lives and other royal information about them. I was told there's no other blog like it and no group about her. So, I am going to do it. For right now it's going to be my own secret, but eventually---who knows. The novel will be published--- Oh, it will! It might take 5 years, or 10, but it will happen.

I joined a new writing group today--- I think its a reputable one. I'm already a member of another that I like, but why not be in two? I have my writer friends, some published and some not. Somebody told me to get in touch with historians, other authors and other people who are interested in the queen, or similar things. This weekend I found another stack of old books from the used bookstore....lots of big, thick memoirs that will help me with her life, her thoughts and the time period....also, the language used at the time. I love books as you can tell.

Today, a feeling came to me, about how the novel should be written.....kind of the voice of the novel----the tone. There are so many times I feel her almost alive, saying something. You have to understand I've been studying her and her family for well over 15 years. So, I know her. And I think I know at times what she might say. Supposedly, this sometimes happens to authors. Sometimes I feel like I have to let it out, and so I just sit here and let her talk.....and write down the dialogue. Little by little, I'm getting the voice and the tone that might be best for me----after all, I am writing this for me..... I do hope though, that someday a reader will take the book and curl up in a chair, start to read a few pages and think, "This is gonna be good...I feel like I'm there....and its such a long book, too." Isn't it great to retreat into another world for awhile? There's nothing like it.

I feel a little better and the writing is helping me. You can't give in and so, for me this helps quite a bit. I'm also getting older and how long will I be on this planet? Maybe another twenty to thirty years at best? I'd like to leave something behind....a wonderfully, researched book, about something real. What can we really leave behind? There are memories, and they are real and deep and last forever. You can leave behind mementos of your life, money, a home, a legacy, you can impart your morals to someone or you can leave behind something beautiful, like a piece of wonderful art. Of course, its the children we leave behind and what we leave them with that's the most important. And love....without love and caring, and memories, what is there really?

It's time to get my spiritual house in order, try and stay healthy and make sure that I show love. If, in the process, I manage to stay sane and get that book done too----well, that's just an added bonus! ....But, you know what? I really do think I can do it.

Its time to go.....Please excuse me if I am missing an apostrophe or comma....its late....My sweet husband just took out my son and my sons' (two friends) and bought them all game boys and games----they are thrilled and jumping around the house. His friends have never had one before. Its so satisfying to be kind to a child.

The first tidbit: She was very close with her eldest child, but couldn't live without her youngest.

Night....Stay Cozy

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