Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Queen Ena

Isn't this beautiful? This is Ena...Queen Victoria's grand daugher. The Queen had many grandchildren, but Ena was very special in one respect---she lived with Queen Victoria as she was growing up. Ena's mother was Beatrice, who was Victoria'a youngest daughter. Queen Victoria couldn't bear to be alone--and really didn't want to loose Beatrice to marriage...and so a decision was made...Beatrice and her husband and their children would reside with Queen Victoria. Can you imagine her childhood? It's been said that Beatrice's little ones certainly livened things up in the Queens' homes. (As much as the Queen would allow that sort of thing, I suppose.)
She grew up to be Queen Ena of Spain. Her life in Spain---well, she should have known it was not to be wonderful---on her wedding day she was almost killed by a bomb. Instead of Ena and her husband being killed, someone else was. Ena was rushed to safety, with blood all over her wedding gown. Imagine.
In this picture, she looks like her mother, Beatice---and I can see her grandfathers profile--Prince Albert. She was a beauty. Her life as Queen was not all she had hoped it would be.
Enough of Ena---oh, I'm sorry...I didn't give you the answers from several posts gone by! Victoria's governess was Baroness Lehzen. The Queen adored her. Feodora was Queen Victoria's older half sister. (I bet you didn't know she had one!!)
New Question: Ena's mother Beatrice---who was the Queen's confidante---was left with a very important task after her mother's death in 1901. Can you guess what it was?
I'll tell you next time...
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