Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some new things...

Ha! My son just sent me this picture from his Apple computer and it's kind of cute with its scratchy drawing look--I wanted to see how this black and white would look on the blog!! But, I'll tell ya, since I'm not a queen, I shouldn't be on here. (At home they call me Drama Queen....LOL...I don't think I qualify, however...)
Some new things!
First off, there is another talented writer I know, who also loves royalty, the affluent life, peerages, country homes, manors, England, Scotland--all that stuff---and she is one of the only other writers I've found over the years who enjoys it as much as I do. She is thinking about blogging with me--and if she does, it will be nice and there will be lots more info on all kinds of Queeny and Royal stuff! It's not definite--we'll see.
I've been working on what I call R.E.--a novel about a Duke's family who is very close to Queen Victoria. I sent off part of it to England, and my critique partner was thrilled with it! She thought it was interesting and liked the pace and it seemed to keep her interest. She thinks its definitely of publishable quality as long as I keep the story line as interesting as it is now. I've been working on this a couple of days now. The characters are very real to me and in the beginning there is lots of drama, and different incidents unfolding at once.
The other thing is that my husband said that if I sell some of my work and I'm really into this, he'll try and get a housekeeper so that I can spend more time writing. I seem to do well when I know I have long stretches of time to work. I suppose he's been watching me lately and sees I'm serious about it...and perhaps he thinks I have a little talent. I hope so!!
This isn't going to be a long post at all...I really just wanted to see what my son's Apple can do (it's really an amazing computer!). In the next day or two I'll post something else that's a little more interesting, I hope.

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