Monday, June 11, 2007

The Woman He Loved

Wallis Warfield Simpson...

Her name was American woman, who had married for a second time and settled in London. Here she is, relaxing in the living room of her flat. The picture just below her is of the outside of her flat, on Bryanston Court. This picture was taken before Wallis was known throughout the world. This is how she looked at about the time she met the Prince of Wales and began to see him here and there---at dinner parties through friends, and receiving the occasional invitation to the "Fort" which was the Prince's favorite residence on the Grounds of Great Windsor Park. As you can see from her picture, she liked things just so. The flowers are arranged nicely and she looks at them...her posture is straight and the knick knacks on the table to are placed with precision. She looks relaxed, reflective...but its doubtful that she really was when this picture was shot. Wallis like to seize every moment she could, to aid her in something We can only wonder what she was thinking about.
Wallis had much to think about--her days were busy making the social rounds, shopping, being home by 6pm for her drop by "cocktail hour" (the Brit's had never seen that before--no one just dropped by without an invitation!) and preparing for dinner parties she held at her flat (And she loved it!) and making preparations with her maid and cook. No, she wasn't rich, but she and her husband Ernest were more well off than the usual...and it was important to Wallis to keep up appearances, even when things became a little tight.
So much has been written about Wallis, and the overwhelming question has always remained...What was so special about her, that a King would leave his Kingdom behind to be with her? To follow her? To marry her?
I've read every biography on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor that there is---including their letters to each other. From what I can see...he liked that she knew her mind and made decisions. He thought she was witty and clever. The more he spent time with her, the more bewitched he became. Soon, she began doing things for him---buying gifts for his servants, arranging dinners and seating, and became his hostess at informal dinners. She spoke to him in a real way. She didn't pamper him and she told him the truth. She sort of "mothered" him and he adored it. What he also found refreshing is that she spoke her mind. He found it new and refreshing. Most people gave him the typical, safe remark, "How wonderful, Sir" or "How tiring for you, Sir." Wallis, though, was different. She actually talked to him about things.
Wallis was a lonely woman. She was hated by the royal family in England after King Edward abdicated. She was followed and harassed in the beginning days. It was said that if she made him happy that was one thing, but if she did not, then nothing would be bad enough for her. She spent many nights and days alone, in the splendor of castles and beautiful homes---her own, and friends homes--but in exile and spent much time feeling alone, misunderstood, bitter and afraid.Was it really her fault that David had fallen in love with her? Hadn't she tried hard to leave him, and get away? Didn't anyone understand that it really wasn't her fault? David had followed her and if she had gone to the ends of the earth, he would have followed her there, too. He couldn't live without her. She was part of his whole existence and he needed her to survive.
She began to create a life for them. She structured his day as if he were still a King--sort of. There were trips and interviews to be given, homes to be set up, parties to be hosted. Eventually there would be memoirs and some work for the British Commonwealth. Wallis's parties--her dinner parties--became known as being the utmost in fine cuisine and atmosphere, albeit, always done in a beauty that was hard to describe. But in all of this, she was never given the title that by rights was hers...He Royal Highness. When a woman marries a man, she assumes rightfully his title. But in Wallis's case this was never to be.
And for now that is all...By the way, Wallis is the one who wore the flamingo pin! She had many beautiful jewels from "her David..."

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