Friday, July 06, 2007

Peeking In

What is it about those castles, those princesses, those lives...that makes us want to peek in? What is it about them that draws us in and makes us wonder? Is it the idea of the we want to make sure they lived happily ever after? Will they teach us how? Or could it be the gold and the jewels and the beautiful things that we don't have and wish we did? Maybe we want to be the ones behind those doors looking out.

For me, it is the constancy of royalty that intrigues me and soothes me. They are true stories, but for me, they never end. They are there no matter what. The long, drawn out stories of their lives are there on rainy days and lonely days and happy days and fearful ones. I can depend on them to be the same and never change. It's one thing in this long and changing thing we call life that doesn't go away. All the details are firmly in place and they will stay that way forever. The written word has captured a moment and feeling in time. That's what I like. That's what I crave. I want to be there with them in that moment. Maybe that's what you like too. I guess we all have our own reasons...but, certainly they entertain us all and let us believe in magic a little while reminding us of things that will always be true.

I'll be writing another piece for The Royalist soon and I'm sitting here with biographies and large picture books scattered all over the room in different piles. And I'm thinking. Something on Queen Mary might be nice...the younger Queen Mary when she was known as Princess May of Teck (that's the present Queen's grandmother) or maybe something on the 5 daughters of Queen Victoria. (Oh, they were a lively bunch!) I guess I'll have to think about that over the weekend and decide. Hopefully, it will turn out well. Maybe I'll do a two parter this time.

I have to say that I'm humbled at the response I've received from the writers and readers I've heard from recently about how much they are enjoying the blog. Who would have ever thought? Not me. It took all my courage to throw my work out there, but I'm glad I did. If nothing else, its entertaining. I'll just stick to my formula which is to write about what I know. The majority of these posts are composed as I sit on my bed, from memory. I don't want them to be seriously historic or boring. I just like to relate what I think were some of the more interesting points in their lives, as people. Yes, they had their roles to play in history but they were people too---held to a higher standard than us at times---and somehow they survived it.

I saw the memorial concert for Diana last week and she would be so proud of her boys. In the closet next to me are a collection of old Royalty magazines, with little Wills and Harry on the front. Some of them are even before William's time. It's so sad that Diana's life was cut so short. I know we still miss her. She will never be replaced. What a legacy she left us. She was such a sweet little dynamo, wasn't she? What a Queen she would have made! I still love reading about her and of course, have all her biographies on a special shelf in my bedroom. I'll never forget hearing on the radio, on my birthday---that Prince Charles was engaged. Later that night we saw her on TV in her blue suit, right off the rack. Even then I made a mental note of when the wedding was. I knew that London was 5 hours ahead of us here in the states and I knew I'd have to get up early to watch. I think I got up about 3:30 in the morning. I think I'm the only person who "watched" the calender go from the end of February till July that year. Even way back then I was a royal lover. I couldn't wait for the wedding. I hope sometime within the next five years to be waking up at 3:30 to watch William or Harry's wedding.

Speaking of getting up early---that's what I have to do in the morning. (luckily not at 3:3o---I'd only do that for Diana!) But, I should be signing off. But before I go---do you know the special nickname that Diana's sisters (and a few close friends) had for her? If you don't, I'll tell you next time...
And I won't forget to tell you what happened with "Baby" Princess Beatrice, and if she was able to pull off that wedding or not.


Jay Hudson said...


I like your blog.It is very regal-looking.


Cozy aka Susan Flanders said...

Thank you for the nice compliment...

Grandma Rosie said...

What an amazing site. I am totally in love with it and so are my grand daughters!

StephB said...

Hi Susan,
I found you at Mike's Writing Workship. I love your blog, as I love reading about royalty. I can't wait for the next entry.

I caught a bit of Wills and Harry's concert for Diana and I thought it was a wonderful tribute. Diana had so much potential, it's sad to know she's gone.

Cozy aka Susan Flanders said...

Thanks StephB and Grandma Rosie...I'll hurry and post another just for you!!