Saturday, March 28, 2009

Many thanks

Cinderella from the World of Royalty kindly awarded me the Proximate Award which is given to "friendly bloggers"...and so I thank her for that. I refer to the World of Royalty often. I now have the luxury of awarding it to eight other friendly bloggers--and all excellent blogs as well, and I daresay far better than mine!

Tea at Trianon

Scandalous Women

Medieval Woman (Reading, Ranting and Raving)

Enchanted by Josephine

Sandra Gulland Ink

Writing the Renaissance

Passages to the Past

Jane Austen's World

Reading the Past

Versailles and More

You might notice I chose ten--forgive me---I couldn't help myself. They're all fabulous and unique. (I'm pretty sure that some of them have already won this award and some other awards as well.) Pssst...I won't say anything if you don't. And if you have the time, you won't be sorry if you browse through any of the above. You'll get lost in them, I'm sure.


Amy @ Passages to the Past said...

Wow - thank you Susan...I am so honored! And congratulations on yours...very much deserved!

Cozy aka Susan Flanders said...

You're very welcome! I enjoy your blog very much. I hope you'll award it to eight other friendly blogs.

Ms. Lucy said...

That is soo kind of you. It made my day! Thank you so much

elena maria vidal said...

A belated thank you!